Julie Johnston

World Cup Champion

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The Defender.

Julie Johnston has become the face of women’s professional soccer in the United States. A star standout at Santa Clara University, Johnston went on to be named the 2014 Rookie of the Year during her first season as a pro. After an intense overhaul to her training and workout plans in late 2014, she earned a spot on the roster and eventually a starting role in the 2015 World Cup. Johnston played every single minute of every single game, and the U.S. women walked away as champions. She went on the offense to step up her defense, and she is renowned as one of the most dominant back line players in the world.

The Next is Now.

A soccer defender’s greatest strength is the ability to recognize and react, making split-second decisions to be in position to make the play. Positioning herself through rigorous work ethic and intense commitment, Johnston has embraced her role from being the NEXT in female sports, to the NOW. Her leadership, competitiveness and sheer drive assist her in becoming STRONGER EVERYDAY™.

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